Sweet Memories!

While I was looking for yarn for my cousin's headband (WIP picture of the headband at the end of the post) I spotted something that I thought had been lost for a very long time.  Can you guess what I found?  It was my very first project I knitted; a cowl made of a bulky teal yarn with lot's of little colorful flecks.  Looking at this cowl made me realize how much I've improved over the past year.  Here are some pictures I took of my first project.

This is the cowl.  The stitch pattern is garter stitch, and the yarn is a mix of teals, yellows, baby blues, and some green.  I like the yarn, and I received it for my 10th birthday, but only started knitting with it past my 11th birthday.

I can't believe how bad my tension was during this project; it's kind of embarrassing.  It's hard to tell in this picture but in real life the width of the cowl changes a lot.  This was probably because of my bad tension and another thing... whenever I dropped a stitch in this project what I would do is I would yank the dropped stitch as tight as possible so a long, unattractive loop was left.  Then I take the loop and tie it in a knot.  Attention beginning knitters: do not try this!! ;)

Another thing I noticed was that when I seamed the two sides of the cowl together I did not do a stellar job on weaving in the ends.  This little stray piece of yarn was an end that I lazily forgot to weave in.  Actually, the whole cowl could fall apart anytime soon because of my careless sewing.

I also found my very first hat, which I knit during January 2012.  It's a big improvement on the cowl, but as you can see the stitches are uneven.  I think it looks okay, and I wear it every once and a while.

I think I've improved my tension a ton.  Look at how loose and tight some of these stitches are.  They look wobbly and uneven.  I was still learning the basics when I knit this ribbed cap.

Now, here are some pictures of one of my WIPs!  This headband is for my 7 year old cousin in South Carolina.  I'm also going to knit one for my 4 year old cousin after I finish this one.  Pictures are below.

I'm using the garter stitch for a less refined look.  I love how garter stitch looks kind of playful, which is perfect for a seven year old. 

It's knit flat on size 3 needles, and I'm using a light weight yarn.  I'm going to crochet a cute little flower and sew it onto the headband when it's finished.

Here is the yarn I'm using.  It's Caron Simply Soft Light.  I love the color, it's a pale green but it looks neon in these pictures.

Well, I don't really have anything else to say... Happy knitting!

~ Emily


FO and WIPs

I've been working on a couple projects at the time (who isn't?) and I also finished a few!  It feels so nice to complete a project, take pictures, and share it with others.  Both of these projects are made for my lovely mom, one of them is a WIP and the other is a FO.  Here we go!

This little pouch I made for my mom's birthday.  I started off using a pattern from a beginner's knitting book but I modified it because it looked awkward.  It's felted, so its sturdy and won't be ripping anytime soon.  I also added a sock yarn blossom to make the pouch look more interesting.  My mom loved it and she keeps her business cards inside it.  These make great last minute gifts (it took me under 2 hours to complete) and they are sure to bring smiles to the receiver. 

Next up is a double wrap cowl for my mom.  This is going to be her Christmas present, and it is about 65% done.  I was going to make it a surprise gift, but she found out.  I'm terrible at keeping secrets!

It's knit flat on size 6 needles with a light-weight yarn.  I bought the yarn at Knit Purl in Portland, Oregon.  The yarn is a medium gray color, and it feels very soft and tight.  Fun to knit with!!!

Here's the yarn I'm knitting with.  I'm not quite sure what the yellow splotchy is in the background; probably just the lighting or something.  The yarn is Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK.  My mom saw it a Knit Purl and said, "Omigosh, I love this yarn, its so soft!" So I bought it.  At first she didn't know that I would use it to knit her a present but she found out the truth later.

That's all for now.... Happy crafting!

~ Emily



I'm going to give lace knitting a go.  It looks fun, complicated, and quite magical.  For my first lace project (I'm going to regret picking this pattern) I'm going to attempt to knit Haruni; a beautiful design by the brilliant Emily Ross (knitterain).  This pattern is super intimidating to me, because of the seemingly impossible garter tab, the tricky lace, and the overall complexity of the shawl.  Here's a picture of Haruni which I will be attempting to knit. ;)

Doesn't it look compelling and complicated??  I really hope I can knit this whether it's today, tomorrow, or when I'm 50.  It reminds me of a peacock, and I love the lace pattern.

Well, that's something I'm looking forward to possibly attempting to knit.

That's all I have to say for today... wait--one more thing: You can purchase my Forbidden Forest Cowl by going to the "Patterns" tab on the top of my blog and clicking the link below the picture. :)



The Forbidden Forest Cowl

I have something very exciting to share with you today!  I finally finished the design I'd been working on over this Thanksgiving break, and I'm ready to share it with you and all the other knitters in the world.  Now presenting... The Forbidden Forest Cowl!!

This lovely, cabled, twisty, cowl resembles the Forbidden Forest: dark, twisted, earthy, and kind of haunting.  You can wear it while hiking through the woods, journeying into scary places, or even on a walk through the neighborhood.

I'm super thrilled about this twisty, earthy, cowl.  It's super thick, and super cozy, and tons of fun to knit.  There are cables involved, and that's what gives the cowl it's "foresty" look.  If you love cables then this project will be heavenly to knit.  :)

The Forbidden Forest Cowl is for sale on Ravelry for only $3! You can purchase it at Ravelry (I will put up a link when it's all set up).  Click HERE for the pattern purchase page! :)

Here are some more pictures!

I will post the link to the pattern purchase area ASAP on THIS post!!

Happy Knitting,


My Favorite Twists and Turns

I'm kind of going on a "cable craze" right now.  I love cables, they're probably my favorite fabric characteristic in knitting right now.  The way that the cables pop out of the knitted object makes it look bubbly (that's the only way I can describe it) and the twists and turns make the whole project look 100% more interesting.  Here are my favorite cables on Ravelry today!

All of those designs were found on ravelry, and I gave you the links to the pattern page.

Now, it's time for the "Hint of the day!".  I will give you one hint everyday leading to what my newest design is.  Sound good?

Hint of the day: Cables  
Now, let's see what clues you've read so far: wearable, cables

Happy Knitting,



I just wanted to wish all of you Happy Thanksgiving!  I probably won't be posting tomorrow since tomorrow is a busy holiday for me, so I thought I'd write this post. :)  Now, back to business.

I submitted my headband into the Designer's Contest and I'm waiting for the voting day.  I probably won't win this time because I'm kinda inexperienced but it was such a great surprise to see that 10 people pushed the "love" button on my headband photos. :)

I'm debating whether or not to share the pattern on Ravelry + TwistKnits because it is very simple and easy.  If at least 5 people comment on this notebook entry saying that they want me to publish the pattern then I will, but I don't see any point in publishing a simple pattern if nobody will want to make it.

My next post will probably come the day after tomorrow, until then, happy knitting and Thanksgiving!



I've got MAIL

Today when I came home from school I saw a wonderful surprise!  2, (not 1, but 2) packages waiting for me, right outside my house.  One of them was wrapped in hello kitty and cheetah print duct tape, and the other had a very official looking banner wrapping that said... KnitPicks.

Let me tell you what was in those two packages.

Cheetah + Hello Kitty Duct Tape Box: My swap package from Brooke!  I was very excited when I saw this parcel on my doorstep.  This box was a swap for the group Squish,Squish on Ravelry, and I knew it contained some sort of yummilicious yarn, a few goodies, and a sweet note.  My thoughts were correct!  Here's what was in the swap package from Brooke.

1. Simply Soft Yarn:  Blue, purple, and baby blue, ooooh!
2. Swedish Fish
3. Sour Patch Kids
4. Wet n Wild Nail Polish
5. Color Craze Nail Polish
6. Hot Chocolate
7. Tea
8. Tiny notebook

Isn't that a nice swap package?? :)

The KnitPicks package I had been expecting, but it was still super exciting to see it!  Here's what I ordered: 8 skeins of fingering yarn for my hexipuffs, pictures below

 Oooh, altogether!  Rainbow colors!!
More yarn.

Isn't that awesome!  2 yarnie packages in one day!  This day is turning out wonderful!!  Here's what happened to me.

1. KnitPicks package came
2. Swap Package came
3. No school until next monday
4. Thanksgiving this week
5. Sleepover at friends house tonight
6. I finished my headband (will try to post pictures soon!!!)
7. Light homework tonight

Well, that's my day, I hope yours is awesome as well!

Happy Knitting


Rainy Day Knitting

Today is cold, wet, windy, and rainy here in Beaverton, Oregon.  The trees are thrashing around, rain is pounding against the windows, and I'm inside my house; cozy and warm, ready to get some yarn and needles working.  I love to knit on rainy days, because it forces me to concentrate on my knitting, and make some progress.  Hopefully after today, many of my WIPs (see one post down for info about WIPs) will transform into FOs.  Well, that's my ambition for today.  But first, I need to finish this notebook entry, and do my homework.

I'm trying to think of a sweet, little, quick gift to knit for my mom.  Her birthday is approaching so fast, and I don't know what to knit her.  I'm needling away at a cowl, a Christmas present for her, but I don't know what to knit her for her birthday.  There are only 5 days until her b-day and I'm running out of time.  Uh oh!  Any suggestions for her gift would be appreciated.

I blocked my Designer's Challenge contest headband last night.  It looks nice, but I was a little impatient during the drying stage.  Perhaps I took out the pins too early, next time I will let them sit a tiny bit longer.  Anyways, I'm going to try to crochet the flower today or tomorrow.  Pictures will be posted soon!

Eeep!  I think I just heard thunder!  Or maybe it was a passing truck.  You can't really tell in this hard pounding rain.  :P  Guess what?  I'm putting together a giveaway that will begin this January!  Keep checking at Twist Knits everyday, you'll never know when updates on the giveaway will appear!

Oh, and my needles are at work designing another pattern.  It may or may not turn out to be successful, but you'll never know until you try right?  Curious?  Here's a hint - Ocean themed.  I wont say no more (double negative!!!)

I ordered a bunch of sock yarn for my Hexipuffs (beekeeper's quilt) and hopefully that will come this week.  I'm patiently waiting for the UPS truck to drive down our street, stop at my home, and hand me the package!

Thanks Giving is right around the corner, and I cannot wait to taste the fall desserts and feast!  Mmm...

Happy Knitting, and keep on reading!

~ Emily



So, you've probably noticed quite a few changes in the blog.  Incase you haven't, let me tell you what's happening here at the new Twist Knits blog.

First of all, the web address and blog title has completely changed.  No more Emmy's Little Knits, cute cartoon girl backgrounds, and all of that. :(  The new blog is called Twist Knits, and I've grown quite fond of the name during these few hours.  I hope you like it. :)

Next, the website for Emmy's Little Knits will no longer be used.  I will open up a new website for my pattern shop and news.  It's not available yet, but I will create a website soon.

All the posts from Emmy's Little Knits are still here, excepting the ones specifically for the old blog.  I also deleted some posts that I didn't really like.

Oh!  And the design of the blog is a bit different, too.  I changed up the font, title, and added an adorable gadget.  Meet the fishy pet friends!  They don't have names yet, but the light blue on is Twist, and she is our "mascot".  I guess that is kinda stupid but it's cute, too.  You can feed them by clicking anywhere in their tank. ;)

I hope you enjoy this blog.


Designer's Challenge: November

Hi There!
This month I am participating in the Designer's Challenge group's November Challenge.  Every month is awesome group has a challenge to push your knitting/designing skills to the limits and come up with a unique design during the course of a month.  The challenge began on November 1st, and it will end on the 30th.

Here  the challenge requirements that I must pass in order to be eligible to win. (yarn!!!)

Object: head accessory 
Theme: black and white
Technique: colorwork
I'm super excited for this challenge because I have the perfect yarn to meet the theme requirements.

It's going to be a headband, and I will post my FO when it's done.  I'm thinking about adding embroidery because just the headband would be kinda dull and boring.  Maybe I'll sneak some black and white beads in there, too. :)

I'm also entering my headband into another designer's contest, for the Design It! group on ravelry.  Contests, Contests, Contests, Contests, Contests, Contests, Contests, Contests, Contests, Contests, !




Hello Friends,
I'm going to be bringing in a special feature to help you track down my Hexipuff progress (if you want to stalk my hexipuffs).  ;)

At the bottom of each post I will but a HexiCount (in bold) showing how many hexis I've made today.  Here's the hexicount for today!

HexiCount: 4  (made today so far- 2)



Guess what I'm knitting right now?  Nope, not owls (i wish), Hexi-Puffs!  Whee!  For those of you who don't know, hexipuffs are these wonderful squishy, mushy, puffy puffs.  Here's a picture in case my lovely and detailed description isn't enough.  ;)

Well?  Don't you just want to jump into a pool full of them?  Hehe.  I'm going to attempt to knit a quilt of these, won't that look cute?  The pattern I'm following is The Beekeeper's Quilt, by TinyOwlKnits.  Check it out, it's amazing.  I can't wait to knit a whole basketful of these.  They're small, portable, and a great on-the-go project.

I'm still designing knitted things, it's going to be a little surprise!