My Favorite Twists and Turns

I'm kind of going on a "cable craze" right now.  I love cables, they're probably my favorite fabric characteristic in knitting right now.  The way that the cables pop out of the knitted object makes it look bubbly (that's the only way I can describe it) and the twists and turns make the whole project look 100% more interesting.  Here are my favorite cables on Ravelry today!

All of those designs were found on ravelry, and I gave you the links to the pattern page.

Now, it's time for the "Hint of the day!".  I will give you one hint everyday leading to what my newest design is.  Sound good?

Hint of the day: Cables  
Now, let's see what clues you've read so far: wearable, cables

Happy Knitting,

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  1. The model with the red hair is really pale, she looks like a ghost. :O I like the slippers!


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