New Project: Citron

Hi Everyone!
After I finished my warm, thick, wooly Owls Sweater I decided that I needed a break from chunky yarn and fat needles.  So, I cast on for a lightweight shawl with some Madelinetosh Prairie.  The pattern is called Citron, and it was designed by Hilary Smith Callis.  The pattern is very unique and clever, and has small ruffles going around the shawl.  It's really fun to watch the ruffles form!

The shawl is semicircular and I love how light and elegant it is!  I was really surprised by the simplicity of this design, there are no yarnovers or fancy increases; just plain old skills used in unique ways to create something seemingly complicated.

I am in love with the colors of the yarn.  Madelinetosh does not fail to impress me with their range of colors and their color pairings.  At first I was a bit uneasy about using this yarn for this particular shawl, but I think it looks lovely.  The combination of navy blue, gray, and burnt brown, looks really pretty.  The color way is called Mare, if any of you reading are interested.

I'm hoping to finish my Citron before school starts, but I know it will be a challenge.  I'm about a 3rd of the way done, and the rows get longer and longer.  Maybe I'll be able to wear the shawl on the first day of school if I put my mind to it!


A New Look...

Hi Everyone,
I'm sure all of you have noticed that I changed my blog design again.  But I can 99% assure you that I will not be changing it again... besides reorganizing the side bars and that kind of stuff :)

I put a lot of time and thought into designing the final banner, and I hope that all of you like it.  I think it truly represents who I am as a person, knitter, and artist.

I wanted my banner to be graphic but a little organic, simple but not boring, eye catching but not overwhelming, and most of all, my greatest desire was for it to represent me.

The font I chose is called RNS Camelia.  It has been one of my favorite fonts for a while and I'm so glad that I am finally able to incorporate it into my blog design.  It's very clean, rounded, simple, but very different to any other font I have seen.

I got the inspiration for the design from two things: feathers and stitches.  I think the design on the sides resemble both of these things, showing my love for birds and nature along with my passion for knitting.  And of course I just had to use my favorite color, teal, in this design!

Anyways, I really hope you like this new website design I came up with.  If you have any questions, comments, compliments, feedback, ect., please comment!  I'd love to hear from you.

Also, there is now an A Yarnful Life Instagram account!  It's public so feel free to follow.  I'll be posting photos that don't make it onto the blog, stash updates, and other quick snippets!

Have a great day!


FO: Owls Sweater

Hello Everyone!
Over the last few days, I finished a very big project that took a very long time.

Yes.  The Owls Sweater is done, off the needles, and in my eyes - perfect!  It took me approximately 8 MONTHS to knit this sweater and I am so glad that it's finished.  To tell you the truth, this project was both a pain and a joy to knit.  It was painfully boring, but once I started cabling the owls it became a rather fun project.  If you can get past the many rounds of plain knitting, this project can turn into a super interesting knit!

I decided to knit the smallest size, which in most places, fits me perfectly.  The forearms and back are a tad bit loose, but not baggy.  For the yarn I chose Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash in the colorway silver.  I really like this yarn.  It's made up of two plies and is really soft and warm.  I can't see myself wearing this sweater until mid winter, because it's such a thick and wooly top.

The thing that I love most about the Owls Sweater is definitely the owl cables.  It's so cool how you can turn a few twisted stitches into a knitted bird.  I like how subtle the owls are, and that at first they just look like a bunch of intricate cables, but when you look closely you can see the owls. :)

I would definitely recommend this sweater!

I'm getting ready to cast on some new, smaller projects!

photo credits: mom


August Yarnful Giveaway!

Hi Everyone!
I know it's been a while since my last giveaway due to vacations and end of school business.  But I'm back with a great giveaway that I know all of you, especially Madelinetosh fans, will love. :D

The Prize: One gorgeous, yummy, squishy, soft, and irresistible skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in colorway Plaid Blanket.

So, you wanna win this yarnful giveaway?  Here's how you can enter!


- leave a comment under this post saying something fun you have done over this summer
- make sure to include your name and a ravelry id OR an email address so I can contact you if you win
- internationals are welcome! :)
- one comment per person, please.
- commenting gets you one entry
- follow me to get extra entries - email subscription, bloglovin', google friend connect, ect.
- don't be a sore loser!

Ready. Set... Enter enter enter to win! :)

Have fun!


One Arm Done... Another Arm to Go!

I just got back from a beautiful weekend in Sun River, Oregon.  I had a soccer tournament in Bend so we decided to turn the few days we spent there into a vacation.  Between soccer games I would pull out my sweater arm and knit a few rows.  Fortunately, all of those rows added up and that arm is finished!

I know that I haven't been a very productive knitter lately, so that's all I really have to share today... in terms of knitting, that is.  I'm putting together a giveaway that you can look forward to, but until then, here is some photos I took at Sun River.  I used my camera so much over the weekend, so I got lots of great shots.  All of them were taken in the backyard of our rented house, during the Golden Hour. :)