FO: Owls Sweater

Hello Everyone!
Over the last few days, I finished a very big project that took a very long time.

Yes.  The Owls Sweater is done, off the needles, and in my eyes - perfect!  It took me approximately 8 MONTHS to knit this sweater and I am so glad that it's finished.  To tell you the truth, this project was both a pain and a joy to knit.  It was painfully boring, but once I started cabling the owls it became a rather fun project.  If you can get past the many rounds of plain knitting, this project can turn into a super interesting knit!

I decided to knit the smallest size, which in most places, fits me perfectly.  The forearms and back are a tad bit loose, but not baggy.  For the yarn I chose Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash in the colorway silver.  I really like this yarn.  It's made up of two plies and is really soft and warm.  I can't see myself wearing this sweater until mid winter, because it's such a thick and wooly top.

The thing that I love most about the Owls Sweater is definitely the owl cables.  It's so cool how you can turn a few twisted stitches into a knitted bird.  I like how subtle the owls are, and that at first they just look like a bunch of intricate cables, but when you look closely you can see the owls. :)

I would definitely recommend this sweater!

I'm getting ready to cast on some new, smaller projects!

photo credits: mom


  1. OMG!!!! It looks so awesome!! I'm gonna make one now!!! :D

  2. Very nice! I really like the color you chose. I've been thinking of making one, since I have a bunch of bulky yarn in my stash, but I'll need to cruise the Ravelry "will trade or sell" pages to get more in my color because I don't have enough and the color's been discontinued. You've certainly inspired me, though!

  3. Yeah for finishing! Love the color you chose....this is my "when I feel like I've got this knitting thing down" goal project...

  4. Applause applause... Maybe I'll knit one of these some day... your's turned out beautiful!!


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