One Arm Done... Another Arm to Go!

I just got back from a beautiful weekend in Sun River, Oregon.  I had a soccer tournament in Bend so we decided to turn the few days we spent there into a vacation.  Between soccer games I would pull out my sweater arm and knit a few rows.  Fortunately, all of those rows added up and that arm is finished!

I know that I haven't been a very productive knitter lately, so that's all I really have to share today... in terms of knitting, that is.  I'm putting together a giveaway that you can look forward to, but until then, here is some photos I took at Sun River.  I used my camera so much over the weekend, so I got lots of great shots.  All of them were taken in the backyard of our rented house, during the Golden Hour. :)


  1. SQUEE!!! IT'S ALMOST DONE!!! :D Awesome job, Emily!! Those flowers are really pretty!

  2. Way to go Emily. Two pieces down and one to go. Bet you are looking forward to doing those cute owls at the neckline.....you are almost there.


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