I just wanted to wish all of you Happy Thanksgiving!  I probably won't be posting tomorrow since tomorrow is a busy holiday for me, so I thought I'd write this post. :)  Now, back to business.

I submitted my headband into the Designer's Contest and I'm waiting for the voting day.  I probably won't win this time because I'm kinda inexperienced but it was such a great surprise to see that 10 people pushed the "love" button on my headband photos. :)

I'm debating whether or not to share the pattern on Ravelry + TwistKnits because it is very simple and easy.  If at least 5 people comment on this notebook entry saying that they want me to publish the pattern then I will, but I don't see any point in publishing a simple pattern if nobody will want to make it.

My next post will probably come the day after tomorrow, until then, happy knitting and Thanksgiving!



  1. I think you should publish it! The headband is really cute, and if you are interested in designing then it'll be great practice!


    1. Thanks, maybe I will publish it, I will try to do a type up soon...


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