I've got MAIL

Today when I came home from school I saw a wonderful surprise!  2, (not 1, but 2) packages waiting for me, right outside my house.  One of them was wrapped in hello kitty and cheetah print duct tape, and the other had a very official looking banner wrapping that said... KnitPicks.

Let me tell you what was in those two packages.

Cheetah + Hello Kitty Duct Tape Box: My swap package from Brooke!  I was very excited when I saw this parcel on my doorstep.  This box was a swap for the group Squish,Squish on Ravelry, and I knew it contained some sort of yummilicious yarn, a few goodies, and a sweet note.  My thoughts were correct!  Here's what was in the swap package from Brooke.

1. Simply Soft Yarn:  Blue, purple, and baby blue, ooooh!
2. Swedish Fish
3. Sour Patch Kids
4. Wet n Wild Nail Polish
5. Color Craze Nail Polish
6. Hot Chocolate
7. Tea
8. Tiny notebook

Isn't that a nice swap package?? :)

The KnitPicks package I had been expecting, but it was still super exciting to see it!  Here's what I ordered: 8 skeins of fingering yarn for my hexipuffs, pictures below

 Oooh, altogether!  Rainbow colors!!
More yarn.

Isn't that awesome!  2 yarnie packages in one day!  This day is turning out wonderful!!  Here's what happened to me.

1. KnitPicks package came
2. Swap Package came
3. No school until next monday
4. Thanksgiving this week
5. Sleepover at friends house tonight
6. I finished my headband (will try to post pictures soon!!!)
7. Light homework tonight

Well, that's my day, I hope yours is awesome as well!

Happy Knitting

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