Rainy Day Knitting

Today is cold, wet, windy, and rainy here in Beaverton, Oregon.  The trees are thrashing around, rain is pounding against the windows, and I'm inside my house; cozy and warm, ready to get some yarn and needles working.  I love to knit on rainy days, because it forces me to concentrate on my knitting, and make some progress.  Hopefully after today, many of my WIPs (see one post down for info about WIPs) will transform into FOs.  Well, that's my ambition for today.  But first, I need to finish this notebook entry, and do my homework.

I'm trying to think of a sweet, little, quick gift to knit for my mom.  Her birthday is approaching so fast, and I don't know what to knit her.  I'm needling away at a cowl, a Christmas present for her, but I don't know what to knit her for her birthday.  There are only 5 days until her b-day and I'm running out of time.  Uh oh!  Any suggestions for her gift would be appreciated.

I blocked my Designer's Challenge contest headband last night.  It looks nice, but I was a little impatient during the drying stage.  Perhaps I took out the pins too early, next time I will let them sit a tiny bit longer.  Anyways, I'm going to try to crochet the flower today or tomorrow.  Pictures will be posted soon!

Eeep!  I think I just heard thunder!  Or maybe it was a passing truck.  You can't really tell in this hard pounding rain.  :P  Guess what?  I'm putting together a giveaway that will begin this January!  Keep checking at Twist Knits everyday, you'll never know when updates on the giveaway will appear!

Oh, and my needles are at work designing another pattern.  It may or may not turn out to be successful, but you'll never know until you try right?  Curious?  Here's a hint - Ocean themed.  I wont say no more (double negative!!!)

I ordered a bunch of sock yarn for my Hexipuffs (beekeeper's quilt) and hopefully that will come this week.  I'm patiently waiting for the UPS truck to drive down our street, stop at my home, and hand me the package!

Thanks Giving is right around the corner, and I cannot wait to taste the fall desserts and feast!  Mmm...

Happy Knitting, and keep on reading!

~ Emily

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