So, you've probably noticed quite a few changes in the blog.  Incase you haven't, let me tell you what's happening here at the new Twist Knits blog.

First of all, the web address and blog title has completely changed.  No more Emmy's Little Knits, cute cartoon girl backgrounds, and all of that. :(  The new blog is called Twist Knits, and I've grown quite fond of the name during these few hours.  I hope you like it. :)

Next, the website for Emmy's Little Knits will no longer be used.  I will open up a new website for my pattern shop and news.  It's not available yet, but I will create a website soon.

All the posts from Emmy's Little Knits are still here, excepting the ones specifically for the old blog.  I also deleted some posts that I didn't really like.

Oh!  And the design of the blog is a bit different, too.  I changed up the font, title, and added an adorable gadget.  Meet the fishy pet friends!  They don't have names yet, but the light blue on is Twist, and she is our "mascot".  I guess that is kinda stupid but it's cute, too.  You can feed them by clicking anywhere in their tank. ;)

I hope you enjoy this blog.


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