The Forbidden Forest Cowl

I have something very exciting to share with you today!  I finally finished the design I'd been working on over this Thanksgiving break, and I'm ready to share it with you and all the other knitters in the world.  Now presenting... The Forbidden Forest Cowl!!

This lovely, cabled, twisty, cowl resembles the Forbidden Forest: dark, twisted, earthy, and kind of haunting.  You can wear it while hiking through the woods, journeying into scary places, or even on a walk through the neighborhood.

I'm super thrilled about this twisty, earthy, cowl.  It's super thick, and super cozy, and tons of fun to knit.  There are cables involved, and that's what gives the cowl it's "foresty" look.  If you love cables then this project will be heavenly to knit.  :)

The Forbidden Forest Cowl is for sale on Ravelry for only $3! You can purchase it at Ravelry (I will put up a link when it's all set up).  Click HERE for the pattern purchase page! :)

Here are some more pictures!

I will post the link to the pattern purchase area ASAP on THIS post!!

Happy Knitting,

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