I'm going to give lace knitting a go.  It looks fun, complicated, and quite magical.  For my first lace project (I'm going to regret picking this pattern) I'm going to attempt to knit Haruni; a beautiful design by the brilliant Emily Ross (knitterain).  This pattern is super intimidating to me, because of the seemingly impossible garter tab, the tricky lace, and the overall complexity of the shawl.  Here's a picture of Haruni which I will be attempting to knit. ;)

Doesn't it look compelling and complicated??  I really hope I can knit this whether it's today, tomorrow, or when I'm 50.  It reminds me of a peacock, and I love the lace pattern.

Well, that's something I'm looking forward to possibly attempting to knit.

That's all I have to say for today... wait--one more thing: You can purchase my Forbidden Forest Cowl by going to the "Patterns" tab on the top of my blog and clicking the link below the picture. :)



  1. Haruni is a beautiful lace shawl. It's great that such a young knitter is already dipping her toes into these testy waters! ;)

    A tip: USE LIFELINES! They are very helpful when you make a mistake and will save you from ripping out your hair.

    If you don't know what a lifeline is, it's basically a long (cotton) string that you thread through your stitches after a pattern repeat or wherever you feel like it (maybe every 10 rows or less?). If you make a mistake, you can go ahead and frog back to that row with the lifeline and don't have to worry about re-knitting 20 rows or something. :D

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for commenting! I've never used lifelines before and I will definitely try it out. There will probably be a ton of frogging over the course of this project so lifelines will be very helpful. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hey Emily, it's Davy!

    Haruni is definitely one of the most beautiful lace shawls in my opinion. I knit one for my best friend to be her wedding shawl, so I can definitely say it's challenging (not impossible though!) and totally worth it! I definitely second using lifelines, and knitting lace will require you to really be able to read your own knitting. It's great practice =)

    1. Hi Davy!
      I've frogged this shawl sooo many times! I think I will try out some easier lace before jumping into this project. Haruni is high on my queue, but I'm still building the skills to knit it. :)

      ~ Emily


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