FO and WIPs

I've been working on a couple projects at the time (who isn't?) and I also finished a few!  It feels so nice to complete a project, take pictures, and share it with others.  Both of these projects are made for my lovely mom, one of them is a WIP and the other is a FO.  Here we go!

This little pouch I made for my mom's birthday.  I started off using a pattern from a beginner's knitting book but I modified it because it looked awkward.  It's felted, so its sturdy and won't be ripping anytime soon.  I also added a sock yarn blossom to make the pouch look more interesting.  My mom loved it and she keeps her business cards inside it.  These make great last minute gifts (it took me under 2 hours to complete) and they are sure to bring smiles to the receiver. 

Next up is a double wrap cowl for my mom.  This is going to be her Christmas present, and it is about 65% done.  I was going to make it a surprise gift, but she found out.  I'm terrible at keeping secrets!

It's knit flat on size 6 needles with a light-weight yarn.  I bought the yarn at Knit Purl in Portland, Oregon.  The yarn is a medium gray color, and it feels very soft and tight.  Fun to knit with!!!

Here's the yarn I'm knitting with.  I'm not quite sure what the yellow splotchy is in the background; probably just the lighting or something.  The yarn is Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK.  My mom saw it a Knit Purl and said, "Omigosh, I love this yarn, its so soft!" So I bought it.  At first she didn't know that I would use it to knit her a present but she found out the truth later.

That's all for now.... Happy crafting!

~ Emily

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