Sweet Memories!

While I was looking for yarn for my cousin's headband (WIP picture of the headband at the end of the post) I spotted something that I thought had been lost for a very long time.  Can you guess what I found?  It was my very first project I knitted; a cowl made of a bulky teal yarn with lot's of little colorful flecks.  Looking at this cowl made me realize how much I've improved over the past year.  Here are some pictures I took of my first project.

This is the cowl.  The stitch pattern is garter stitch, and the yarn is a mix of teals, yellows, baby blues, and some green.  I like the yarn, and I received it for my 10th birthday, but only started knitting with it past my 11th birthday.

I can't believe how bad my tension was during this project; it's kind of embarrassing.  It's hard to tell in this picture but in real life the width of the cowl changes a lot.  This was probably because of my bad tension and another thing... whenever I dropped a stitch in this project what I would do is I would yank the dropped stitch as tight as possible so a long, unattractive loop was left.  Then I take the loop and tie it in a knot.  Attention beginning knitters: do not try this!! ;)

Another thing I noticed was that when I seamed the two sides of the cowl together I did not do a stellar job on weaving in the ends.  This little stray piece of yarn was an end that I lazily forgot to weave in.  Actually, the whole cowl could fall apart anytime soon because of my careless sewing.

I also found my very first hat, which I knit during January 2012.  It's a big improvement on the cowl, but as you can see the stitches are uneven.  I think it looks okay, and I wear it every once and a while.

I think I've improved my tension a ton.  Look at how loose and tight some of these stitches are.  They look wobbly and uneven.  I was still learning the basics when I knit this ribbed cap.

Now, here are some pictures of one of my WIPs!  This headband is for my 7 year old cousin in South Carolina.  I'm also going to knit one for my 4 year old cousin after I finish this one.  Pictures are below.

I'm using the garter stitch for a less refined look.  I love how garter stitch looks kind of playful, which is perfect for a seven year old. 

It's knit flat on size 3 needles, and I'm using a light weight yarn.  I'm going to crochet a cute little flower and sew it onto the headband when it's finished.

Here is the yarn I'm using.  It's Caron Simply Soft Light.  I love the color, it's a pale green but it looks neon in these pictures.

Well, I don't really have anything else to say... Happy knitting!

~ Emily

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