The Marvelous Hexipuff Family

I'm back!  It's been a particularly long week for me, but it was a good week. :)  Before I share some knitty stuff with you I think I'll share some happy things that happened over the week.

First of all, soccer tryouts have ended, and I made the team I wanted to - the A Team, also known as Fury.  If you have ever been so anxious and excited for something that you felt as if there were thousands of butterflies in your stomach then you know exactly how I felt the days leading up to the one day (yesterday) when I was told what soccer team I would be playing on.  Anyways, I am so thrilled about the outcome and I am relieved.  All the butterflies have been released into the wild :)

Now, I have some knitastic photos to share!  Everyone likes photos, right?  Well, here comes the grand parade featuring the newest additions to the Marvelous Hexipuff Family (and yes, that is the family name). ;)

Red Hexipuff - Malabrigo Sock
Turquoise and Green Hexipuff - Ducklings (my handspun)
Blue Hexipuff - Jojoland Melody Sock
Purple, yellow, blue hexipuff - unknown yarn (because I lost the label)


  1. Congratulations on making the soccer team!!! And your hexipuffs look amazing!! How many do you have now?

  2. Good job on both the pufflets and photography!



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