Back in the Groove!

Sometimes, all it takes to get back into knitting is to start a new, quick, and interesting project.  I learned this while working on the latest project, Zuzu's Petals.

I've been having a really hard time being excited about knitting.  I think this is because I haven't been knitting very interesting project.  My Owl Sweater, Owl Toy, and hexipuffs are all knit in the same old stockinette stitch, and I must say that stockinette is possibly the most boring stitch to knit.  Knitting straight stockinette projects has made feel less pumped about knitting and I've been procrastinating a ton.  So, to motivate myself, I started a brand new and fresh project to keep me interested.

I am loving this project so far!  It's a cowl, but looks like a shawlette.  There are a handfuls of yarn-overs here and there in the pattern, so it keeps me interested.  I'm about half way done with it, and I am going to wear it to school tomorrow or one Tuesday. :)

This pattern is surprisingly very easy to understand.  I didn't have to look up tutorials on YouTube on how to knit certain stitches and most of the techniques used in the project are ones I already know.  Even though it's an easy knit for me, I am really enjoying it and I highly recommend it!

The yarn knits up nicely, and I love watching the subtle color changes form.  The light blue flecks in the fabric look so awesome.

I will be posting again once I finish my shawlette cowl!



  1. Hi Emily,
    Very interesting pattern and pretty colors. Looking forward to seeing it complete. The weather has cooled down just in time for you to wear it...

  2. I love it! What yarn are you using? It's beautiful.....

  3. OMG I want to make that!! that looks beautiful!!


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