I've been working on my owl, along with a few other things like my sweater (which I had to start over, the story is later in the post), and a few hexipuffs.  Knitting has been very s l o w for me lately, but I'm looking forward to picking up the pace once school is out in a few weeks. :)  I have some progress to share, and my owl is ready to get some horns!

I'm completely done with the straight stockinette stitch part, and I am ready to divide the stitches for the cutesy-hootsey (I know that's not a word :P) owl horns.

Also, I had to start over on my Owls sweater, due to my "innocent" dog taking a nappie on it while I was at school, which is what my witness (Mom) told me.  I'm catching up, but still have a lot of knitting to do.

Along with knitting a little bit over the past few weeks I have been trying hard to improve the look of my blog.  The tabs have been relocated to the side of my blog, and in a font that doesn't annoy me (the old tabs font literally drove me INSANE).  :)  Also, there has been a slight change in font in the posts.  If you like these changes, please let me know, I love feedback.

Until the Next Post,

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  1. Wow your blog looks great! :D And your owl looks awesome! What kind of needles are you using for that?


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