May Yarnful Giveaway WINNER!

Helloo everyone!
It's the end of the month, May is finally at a close, and summer is right around the corner.  But that's not the only exciting thing happening around here; it's time to announce the winner of the May Yarnful Giveaway!  Exciting huh?  I know you're at the edge of you're seat... I know you can't wait to hear who won... I bet you're hoping it's you who gets to claim the wonderful mini skeins I have offered...

Congratulations AmandaCake on Ravelry! 

Amanda, you are the lucky winner of this month's giveaway!  I will be in touch with you very soon, so I get your address and contact info and send the mini skeins off to you!

Here is part of the List Randomizer (couldn't take a screen shot of the whole thing because it was too long)  I hope you can see that clearly...

Well, stick around for the next giveaway and some upcoming posts!


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