Alpacas Have Taken Over This Post

Hi There!
Today I took a trip to Alpacas of Oregon, an (obviously) alpaca-filled farm that  houses the most adorable little alpacas EVER.  I think I'll let the pictures (and a video or two) prove it to you.  :-)

This little sign greets you as you enter...

And here is the welcome committee of alpacas, ready to say, "Hello!"

There's a cute little stable/barn (whatever you call it) where they keep the little ones...

And the friendly ones who like the camera...

Oh.  Um.  Hello there... how's it goin'?

I thought this one looked funny :)

I also to a video of this one ADORABLE baby alpaca who I think was allergic to me; he started sneezing (or choking, I couldn't tell, but let's just say he's sneezing :)) when I came over to his section of the barn  He's behind the big whitish alpaca.  I would't recommend watching it on full screen, it just makes the video pixilated.

And of course, the camera-friendly one got jealous and thought that she needed some more camera time :)

I also got some alpaca fiber (7.5 oz)!!



  1. I looooove Alpacas!! That video is so funny!! :D

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha that is hilarious. i wish i could've seen that in real life.


  3. OH i cant tell you how jealous i am!!! i love alpacas, my husband does not seem to understand that when i say - I want an alpaca it means I want an alpaca!!! love the fawny coloured one!!!!


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