Cedar Leaf Shawlette

I recently got the pattern Cedar Leaf Shawlette and I'm excited to start it once I get yarn for it at the Yarn Crawl, which starts tomorrow!  Here's what it looks like.

I think I will try out a new brand of yarn for this shawlette.  It needs to be something really nice and special. :)

And some hexipuffs because they are just o so awesome...

I have 17 total!!  One of them is missing - gasp!!!

Well, that's all for today's post!  I will have lost of pictures to show you after the Yarn Crawl, and I will be starting projects like crazy with all my new yarn. :)


  1. oooh that shawl looks so pretty!!

    1. I know right! I can't wait to knit it.

  2. Hi Emily...love the shawl, can't wait to see the yarn you pick out. I managed to visit the Knitting Bee today and bought my first really nice yarn, Manos Silky Wool for that Mobius Cowl. Every every one was so nice and helpful at the Knitting Bee and a very fun atmosphere...you are going to have a great time going to several shops on Sunday!!

    1. Hi Corrine!
      Manos Silky Wool sounds very nice! :) I'll be going to the Knitting Bee tomorrow and I can't wait!



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