Photos and Projects

I have some projects to share with you along with some other random photos that may (or may not) interest you. ;-) So, along with spinning my fiber and knitting hexipuffs I've also been taking a lot of photos AND knitting a little cowl out of my "Under the Sea" handspun yarn!  Not to mention the Rose City Yarn Crawl starts this Friday, this week has been very suspenseful and exciting.

Now, what would you like to see first?  Some of my recent photography or some WIPs and FOs?  I think we'll kick off this post with some cool photos. ^_^

Aren't those neat?  I'm proud of them, and I like how each one turned out.  There's more photos, but I think I'll stop sharing my photography right now. :)  On to the WIPs and FOs!!

I made two more hexipuffs this week, this time I used DPNs instead of magic loop method.  It's much easier than getting tangled in the pesky circular needle cord. :P

I also started knitting a simple garter stitch cowl out of my handspun yarn.  So far so good, and I think I'll be done with this cowl before the Yarn Crawl!


Comments are always welcomed :)