Greetings from a Knitter in Miami

I know. I know.  I said I wouldn't be able to post much during Winter break but I have some time, and I'm going to use that time to write a post and share some (knitting related and not knitting related) photos.

I'm in Miami, Florida right now and it's very warm and a bit humid, opposite of Oregon.  There are palm trees everywhere, which an unusual sight for someone who lives in Oregon where palm trees are a rarity.  Overall, I'm loving Florida so far!

Now for some pictures!  Today my family and I walked down to the beach and had tons of fun swimming in the warm and not freezing ocean and digging big holes in the sand.  I was amazed by the color of the ocean, it was so light and teal!  The ocean on the Oregon coast is dark and muddy blue.  Here's a picture of the ocean.

I also saw a few feathery friends... well, actually a lot of them! 


Another Seagull

Oh yeah, I also did a little knitting.  I'm making a Forbidden Forest Cowl (click on the "Patterns" tab to purchase and download the pattern) for my cousin.  I'm using Caron Simply Soft in a nice, silvery blue color.  Here's a picture of my work in progress!  I'm using my brand new KnitPicks Options needles (nickel plated) and they are super nice and slippery.

And, just because, I'm going to share with you a couple of random, cool, nice pictures that I took! 




Okay, that's all for now folks!  Make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY if you haven't already to win some soft and colorful yarn.  Have a wonderful day!


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