Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish all of you awesome readers, "Merry Christmas!" or if you don't celebrate Christmas, "Happy Holidays!"  Thank you for reading my posts, commenting (or just quietly reading), purchasing/downloading my designs, and following me throughout these few months.  Hopefully you'll continue to join me for more yarnful adventures in 2013.

Tomorrow I will be departing for sweet, warm, and sunny Florida.  I'm really excited to get out of wet and rainy Oregon, but I won't be able to blog very much until January.  I hope that's okay, but remember, when I come back, one of you will be the winner of the giveaway!

Anyways, enjoy the rest of the holidays, and have a wonderful day!



  1. I hope you enjoy Florida! I have always thought Oregon is a great place also.

  2. thanks! Oregon is very lovely but it can get super rainy, our summers aren't too hot so that's good. :)


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