Happy (EARLY) New Year!

2013 is literally right around the corner and I just wanted to take a moment to list some awesome things that happened this year and state some resolutions that I would like to achieve and live by during 2013.

Here's some awesome events that happened during 2012! (not in a particular order!)

1.  Learned how to purl! - This was a huge step for me in terms of knitting.  I learned how to purl during a knitting class I took at my LYS (For Yarn's Sake) and let me tell you that I didn't fall in love with it.  However, this allowed me to go deeper into the knitting realm!

2. School - Yes, one of my awesome events is going to school. :P  :D  I love my school so much, as it offers so many art classes that other schools don't.  At school I can take ceramics, film, animation, drawing, painting, mixed-media, creative writing, and many more art classes.  I owe so many thank you's to my school, Acma, for providing me with classes that allow me to become a better artist and student.

3. Made my soccer A team (again)! - Now I can play soccer at the highest level in my league and be challenged with my team!

4. Designed my first pattern! - The Forbidden Forest Cowl is my very first pattern I created and I'm very proud of it.  I can't wait to make up more patterns for everyone to enjoy in 2013.

5. A Yarnful Life! - I discovered the amazing world of blogging during 2012.  Creating the A Yarnful Life blog has been such a great experience, it's so much fun sharing my WIPs, yarn, giveaways, patterns, and thoughts with other crafters.

Okay, now for some resolutions!!!

Here are my resolutions and goals for 2013!

1. Grow "A Yarnful Life" and improve my blog layout and banner.

2. Only 2 projects at a time and get rid of all those unfinished projects!

3. Stop buying yarn just because it's pretty.  ;)

4. Use up all my "cheap" yarn and buy some nice, good quality fiber to replace it.

5. Do extra after school work to add to the minimum homework my school gives out.

6. Finish at least 25 projects this year.

7.  Explore different art forms at school.

8. Design lots of patterns this year!

9. Do monthly giveaways for A Yarnful Life.

Happy New Year!!!


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