FO: Seed Stitch Cowl

It's been a long time since my last FO post, but today I have a project off the needles to share with you today.  I recently finished the Seed Stitch Cowl I was working on for a long time... it took much longer then I would've hoped, but here are the finished photos!

I chose to knit a cowl because I think cowls are the perfect winter gift.  They keep your neck toasty warm and can be pulled up over your nose to keep your face cozy in the chilly air.

I think this cowl will be a present for my younger cousin.  It's a small sized cowl, and will fit her perfectly because it's a little too small for me.

I used Malabrigo Merino Worsted because it is fluffy and warm, and the color is so pretty!  I love the purplish grey color.


And just for a little extra fun, here's a picture of my hair today.   I did a "Pancake Lace Dutch Braid", and I've been wearing this a lot during the fall and winter.  I know this more of a crafty blog but why not throw this in, too? :D


  1. Pretty cowl and pretty hairdo. Love the cowl...is it knit flat?

  2. Very nice Emily. The braid is beautiful too...something I am very clumsy at!!


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