Almost Done, Almost Christmas

Today I have two exciting things to share with all of you!  First of all, I got a new lens for my birthday last tuesday!  It has a zoom feature and is a 200 mm lens where as my previous lens was not capable of zooming in AT ALL.  It was a super awesome present that I know I will be enjoying for a very long time!

Second of all, I am almost done with my dad's Windschief hat!  I know, I know.  I've been working on the project for an extremely  l o n g  time, and it should have been finished months ago, but it's been quite boring project that I've had a few issues with. :P  All I need to do is find my tapestry needle (which always seems to be missing) and then I can weave in the ends and get that project off the needles!  I'm not going to show you a picture until after Christmas, when I can get my dad to model it!:)

I haven't been knitting a lot lately, but I have been doing a good amount of photography and other crafty stuff!  Here's a collection of photos from this week!

Ok, so this was really fun!  I had my brother jump onto our guest room bed and caught some cool pictures!  We both had a lot of fun doing this activity, and it was fun to see the photos we got!

He looks like he's levitating or something, haha.

And I have been wandering around my neighborhood, taking photos of plants and stuff!  But I always do that, so I hope a young girl carrying around a big camera doesn't seem to suspicious anymore. :)

Surprisingly enough, this photo actually doesn't have a black and white filter on it!  This is what the Oregon weather was like a couple days ago.  The gloomy fog created a mysterious affect that I really enjoy.

This photo does have a black and white filter on it, and I think it looks so cool!  These drops were a bit high in the branches, and thanks to my new lens, I now can capture photos of things that aren't right in front of me! :D

I tried making bows the other day and this is one I made out of an old t shirt!  There was no sewing required, just a good old hot glue gun. :)  I think these work great for hair and gift toppers for christmas!

I also made this cute little necklace charm from a tiny cork jar and glitter.  It was so easy to make and tons of fun!  I've been loving quick and easy DIY (do it yourself) projects lately.

Hope you all have a merry Christmas and/or happy holidays!


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  1. Love your Oregon fog picture! Enjoy your new lens, I just got a wide angle recently. We're the opposite, I wanted to get rid of my zoom for awhile. ;)


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