Trial and Error

Hello Everyone!
Lately, I finished a design of my own and let's just say it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to.  It's a hat, and it's supposed to be slouchy, baggy, and really warm and cozy.  However, while I was knitting it, I realized that I didn't have much yarn left so I had to start decreasing a bit earlier then I had planned... here is the result.

I'm not exactly happy with the final product.  I mean it's not eye-shattering hideous (at least I don't think so), but this hat is definitely not the comfy, roomy slouch that I was hoping to create.  It got really clinched up at the crown because I had to stop short due to not having enough yarn, and it looks like a contorted beret with an unreasonably thick brim.  When my mom was modeling the hat it kept on slipping off because it wasn't long enough, that was a big issue. ;(

However, other than that, I really like how the hat turned out!  I used a combination of the seed stitch and owl cables to create a super cute look.  It's interesting how the seed stitch looks like little dew drops, dappling the surface of the knitting. Of course, I'm going to reknit this project, making sure to have enough yarn, and hopefully improve the design.  Be on the look out for the pattern release in the next few months...

I learned a lot from just knitting this one project:
1. Make sure to have enough yarn for the project - get the extra skein if you need it!
2. See what worked and what didn't work - it's a trial and error process.
3. Designing isn't easy, and it's hard to see your work not turn out as planned, but you need to keep trying!
4. Ending a slouchy hat early makes a wonky looking beret. ;)

Have you ever tried designing/knitting something and not having it turn out as planned?  If so, did you give up on the project, or start over and try again?  I'd love to hear your knitting experiences and the things you learned from them! :)

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  1. Love that color!
    My knitting projects often develop differently than I planned - sometimes I like the results, and sometimes I don't, or I'm just not sure. The "not sures" get put aside for a while, but if I'm really not satisfied with a result, I've learned to enjoy the "opportunity" to rip it out and knit that lovely yarn all over again ;)

  2. My designing skills need a little work, as evidenced by my attempt at designing a really chunky cowl and a slouchy striped hat. Ugh. The cowl was frogged (after three attempts) to be figured out later and the hat is still on the needles elsewhere, waiting for me to figure out decreases. I think I've lost interest in the hat for now, so I'll probably frog it and use the yarn for another hat with a pattern someone else has already worked out, or maybe something worn closer to the skin since it's Pima cotton and sooo soft.

  3. The old adage of "we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes" is true. But it is a very cute hat and should come in handy when you need just a little something to keep the chill away. Like walking the dog for example. Love the color!


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