FOs: Melissa's Hat & River Run Mitts

Hi Everyone,
I have two finished objects that I forgot to post about: Melissa's Hat and River Run Mitts.  I actually cast off both of these projects on March 27, so they've been done for some time.  Here is the eye candy!

I am super happy with how this hat turned out.  I used the pattern Button Tab Hat by Marcie Nishioka.   The only thing that I dislike about how the hat turned out is how small it is in terms of how tall it is, I feel like it is a bit too tiny, but oh well!  Other then that I am very pleased.

My absolute favorite part about this blue hat is the buttons.  Aren't they beautiful?  I like the dark brown edges and the pale blue middle.  It's nice how they make the hat have an organic feel.  I can't wait to send this to Melissa!

The next FO for today is a pair of "River Run Mitts", a design of my own.  They were a really quick and easy design project.  I got my inspiration from ski run I went down called River Run.  It was a gentle, winding run which the cable on these mitts resembles.

They fit really well with simple increases for the thumb/palm, and I will hopefully be typing up the pattern and publishing it. :)

Also- tomorrow the winner of the March Giveaway will be announced!  Make sure to enter if you haven't already!

~ Emily ~


  1. Cute hat! I'm sure Melissa will be so happy to have it! The mitts are adorable-can't wait to see them as a pattern!

    Happy knitting,

  2. What a lovely shade of blue for that beanie... It's pretty!

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  4. Wow, Emily. You sure have been busy. Your hat is very pretty with those special buttons.
    I wonder if I would be able to do those hand mitts....really like your pattern.
    Welcome Home!


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