FO: Hitchhiker Shawlette

Yesterday I happily cast off my Hitchhiker with a huge smile on my face and a sense of pride and accomplishment. :)  It felt so good to finish that shawlette, and try it on for the first time.  I know that it will be worn many times and I will not hesitate when people ask me, "Where did you get it?  I want one, too!"  Enough with my talking about pride and accomplishment and happiness, here comes the grand parade of Hitchhiker pictures!

I finished my shawlette with 34 teeth, but I had originally knit 35.  I had to frog the 35th spike because I realized a bit too late that I didn't have enough yarn to bind off. :P Its finished length is 5 ft 3 inches and it is EXACTLY my height!  Perfecto! ;)

I'm really glad to have finished my Hitchhiker.  The rows got sooo dreadfully long and garter stitch got boring after a while; I could've given up- but I didn't, and I am so happy with how it turned out.

I'm really happy the yarn I chose.  The colors are so bright and beautiful, and I have really enjoyed working with it.  Because it's so tightly plied, the stitches are more defined, which I love.

I wear my shawlette like a scarf, and I wrap it around my neck one time.  The garter stitch texture feels amazing: stretchy, soft, and squishy.

Well, that wraps up the "Hitchhiker Photo Parade" and today's post.  Tomorrow I will be flying back to Oregon, and it'll be nice to be back home.

Until Next Time,


  1. it's finally finished! congrats, it's beautiful!

  2. It's gorgeous! I love a pattern that makes garter really pop like that, and the colors are a perfect combo. Congratulations from sookiesookie on Ravelry!

  3. Hoorah hooray! It looks great, congrats on that project.

  4. Great job Emily.....good for you!!!!
    What will you be working on traveling home?

  5. That really is the perfect yarn for that pattern. AMAZING job!!

    Congrats from venny on Ravelry!

  6. Lovely, Wear it proudly!!!

    Happy Knitting,

    P.S. For some reason, i did not get an email subscription for this post. 0-0


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