Owl Sweater - Step One: Swatch

Hello Everybody,
I'm back, and ready to embark on one of the greatest knitting journeys ever with Hasol: knitting my very first sweater! ~yay! whoohoo! yipedee do da! ta da! yeah! ahahah! yay! yah! whee!~ okay, sorry for that excitement attack; let's get back to the sweater. :)

The yarn I selected for this sweater is Cascade 128 Superwash Chunky in colorway Silver, dye lot 1946.  I chose this light gray because I wanted to have a neutral colored sweater, instead of something colorful and bright.  Gray is also one of my favorite colors.

I bought the yarn at Angelika's Yarn Store (I gave you a link to their site), a very nice yarn store in Portland, Oregon.  They had many colors to choose from, but I picked this one above all.

The pattern I'm using is called Owls, but I call it Owl Always Love You just because it sounds much cuter!!

I found these photos on the pattern page, they are not mine.

After I finish writing this post I will begin knitting the swatch (ugh! :P), not the most interesting part of knitting a sweater but certainly an important thing to do.  Well, I'll end on that: have a wonderful day everybody and make sure to enter the giveaway!



  1. Yippeekiyay all aboard the sweater train!! Here we go! Your color is fantastic and the name is so so cute! This will be fun!!!!!!

    1. Yipee! I'm SO excited to knit this sweater with you, it'll be so much fun seeing how each others turn out! :)

  2. I've been eyeing this sweater for a while, it's so cute! Good luck. Show your progress, I'd love to see how it goes. :D

    1. Hi! Thanks for the good luck wish, I'll be needing it as I take on this sweater! ;) Hopefully I can blog about each step that I take in making this sweater, and post tons of pictures. :) ~ Emily

  3. I love that sweater pattern, but I've put off making it because I'm limiting myself to small projects right now for the sake of using up my stash. So far it's working, but I keep forgetting my rule of no new yarn this year.

    Swatching is horribly boring. I don't care how much I know I need to do it, I hate it. Ugh. So I do a lot of projects that don't really need a specific gauge.


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