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I'm still working on my Designers Challenge entry, my Owl Always Love You, and another mystery design which is a shhh... s e c r e t!  Anyways, I haven't made much progress in any of my WIPs so I thought I'd change up the usual routine of writing about yarn and knitting, and travel over to the realm of glassblowing. 

For my birthday, a few of my friends and I went over to an awesome glass blowing place in Oregon called Live Laugh Love Glass (I even gave you a link to their website!).  Check out their site if you have a bit of spare time, there are some really inspiring photos of absolutely stunning glass pieces throughout the website - trust me, you'll be amazed.

Here is a Christmas themed sushi plate I designed at Live Laugh Love Glass.  I'm proud with how it turned out, and it's perfect for the holiday season.  I made this glass piece before Christmas and I thought it would be finished by Christmas but it wasn't, so I guess I'll have to wait until next year!

Here is my sushi plate.  I love how the green glass shimmers, it reminds me of snowflakes settling on holly leaves.  Overall, I think it looks lovely, and I am thinking about giving it away as a nice present.

This is one of my first glass projects ever.  I made this 2 summers ago, and it's a flower candle stick holder.

Here is a shot looking into the inside: I used fine grains of glass to create the circular pattern.

Hopefully you enjoyed looking at this glass art, I'll be back with some real knitting news soon. :)



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