I'm Back!!!!!!!

I know.  I haven't posted in a really long time, but I'm back with news and... a pattern!  Which thing should we start with?  I think I'll tell you about "The News" first.

On Saturday my awesome knitting friend Hasol and I went to Archer's Afield in Oregon and had tons of fun!  I suck at archery, but it's still really fun.  Luckily I brought my camera so I took some pictures.  Here they are!

Fletchings on the arrow


Hasol's bow and arrows


Our targets

Cool huh?  Archery is definitely something fun to do with friends!  I also have some yarnerific pictures of the yarn I got at All About Yarn, which is right next to Archer's Afield.  Here's what I bought.

Malabrigo Merino Worsted

Melody Sock Yarn

Pretty purple!  Hehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehhehhehehehhehwhehehehehhehhehehhehehheheh!

Also, on Monday I turned 13!  It was an awesome birthday, with presents, celebrations, wishes, and cheesecake (from the cheesecake factory).  Here's what I got....

  • iPhone from my parents!  It's my dad's old one, and I like it very much.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

  • $50 dollar gift certificate for Angelika's Yarn Store also from my mom and dad!

  • $20 dollar gift card for For Yarn's Sake from my little brother!  Thanks Noah!

  • $25 dollar gift card for Barnes and Noble from my gramma and grandpa!

  • A KnitPicks ball winder from my best knitting friend, Hasol!  Thanks!

(didn't see that one coming, huh?)

Whoo hooo!  Yep, that's right!  I have a FREE pattern for everybody!  Here it is! (also available on Ravelry)

This lovely little cowl looks like itsy bitsy cranberries (or holly berries) and is super cute for winter!

  • size 7 needles
  • worsted weight yarn: 120 yards (yardage is estimated) I used Malabrigo Merino Worsted
  • 2 stitch markers
  • size 7 cable needle/dpn
Notes: When you see *  * repeat what instructions are between the *  *s twice

CO 40 stitches
Row 1) K8, (pm), k24, (pm) K8
Row 2) K8, (slm), p24, (slm) K8
Row 3) same as row 1
Row 4) same as row 2
Row 5) K8 (slm) *sl 3 sts onto CN and hold to back, K3, K3 from CN, sl 3 sts onto CN and hold to front, K3, K3 from CN*, (slm) K8
Row 6) same as row 2
Row 7) same as row 1
Row 8) same as row 2
Row 9) same as row 1
Row 8) same as row 2
Row 9) same as row 1
Row 10) same as row 2
Row 11) K8 (slm) *sl 3 stitches onto CN and hold to front, K3, K3 from CN, sl 3 sts onto CN and hold to back, K3, K3 from CN*, (slm) K8
Row 12) same as row 2

repeat these rows until your cowl is desired length

BO, weave in ends, sew the 2 ends of the cowl together and... enjoy!

That's my latest design, Ericaceae!  I love the garter stitch edge and the chain cables.  I had tons of fun knitting and designing this pattern and I wanted to make it available to everyone. :)

Happy Knitting,

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