Hard at Work

Christmas is only FOUR days away!  I'm freaking out because I still haven't finished my mom's present, my dad's present, my brother's present, Erin's present, and my 2 cousin's present.  How am I supposed to cope with this?  Knit like a crazy person.

I've never been so stressed out during Christmas time, usually, I finish my presents way before Christmas and I can just "enjoy" the bitter, rainy, and cold Oregon weather until Christmas comes around and we open presents and then everyone is happy.  Nope, not this year.

Due to my lack of days left to finish projects I am going to make a schedule.  Ta da!

December 12-21: Finish Mom's cowl

December 12-22: Finish Noah's baby monster

December 12-23: Finish Dad's earbud pouch

December 12- 23 to 12-24: Finish Erin's Penelope the Empathetic Monster

December 12-24 to 12-26: Finish Cousin's presents (I can work on them on the plane ride to florida, which is where I will give them their presents)

Wish me luck!


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