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Okay so I've run into a pretty big problem... there is another blog with the name "Twist Knits".  I found this while trying to search twistknits.blogspot.com , but instead I wrote twistKNIT.blogspot.com .  Even though the URL isn't specifically Twist Knits, the actual title of the blog is called Twist Knits.  That is a problem for me and my designs if I wish to expand my blog to a wider audience.

It took a while to come up with a good name for my blog, and there will probably be a bit of shifting and moving around.  My mom actually came up with the name A Yarnful Life.  Isn't it clever?  Well, it was way better then MY ideas (The Turquoise Knitter, Dreaming in Yarn, Knitbits, ect.)  I was quite sad to give up Twist Knits, but I guess it's better to have a name that is unique then to have one that is very similar to other blogs.

Anyways, the blog has changed whether you like it or not, so I'm sorry for those of you who like Twist Knits better.

Back to business!  I just picked up a "kind of new" hobby!  Over the weekend I rummaged through my closet and brought out my chain mail rings and beads.  It really is quite awesome what one 12 year old girl can make just out of a few rings from the craft store and a handful of beads.  Here's my first stitch markers!
Cool huh?  I love the maroon one, it turned out the best of the three.  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?  Write me a comment!

I also went to Twisted, a yarn shop in Portland, Oregon.  It's by far my favorite shop, and it has such a wide variety of yarns to choose from!  Sadly, I was on a budget ($30) because I'm trying to put myself on a "yarn diet".  A goal for this year is to use up all my cheapo yarn and replace it with nice, good quality fiber.  Here's what I bought at Twisted!

This one to the left is a skein of Berroco Vintage DK.  The color looks really funny in this picture because I couldn't get the lighting right.  It's actually a deep blueish green color, which I love!  It's pretty soft, but nothing super amazing.

This one here is a super soft and super wonderful skein of malabrigo worsted!  I love it so much and I cannot wait to knit it.  This is my first skein of malabrigo and I love petting it.  My brother actually tried to use it as a pillow last night!  Luckily I caught him before he could do any real "damage"!  Love love love!

Did you guys like the TOKland Interview?  It was a lot of fun to come up with the questions, message Stephanie, and get the great and interesting answers.  Let me know if you liked the interview in the comments!

~ Happy Knitting,


  1. I LOVE Twisted, one of my favorite LYS. Last time I went I got Socks That Rock Lightweight in Hobbit Garden! I am in love with the color and yarn base!

  2. Cool! Yeah, as soon as I walked in I was like OMIGOSH! I love how much yarn they have, it's my new favorite store.


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