A Totoro for Two

So, I started this project during the summer and I've finally found the dedication to finish it!  This project was going to be for myself, but I know two very special people that will appreciate and love it more.  Now presenting... Totoro!

Yes, it's crochet, and I just finished it up, besides the nose.  I still need to fire up the glue gun and cut out a little piece of black felt and place it on Totoro's face.  He looks cute even without a nose!

I haven't crochet in a really long time so it was kind of awkward handling the crochet hook.  When I was chaining for the arm, I actually started doing a long-tail cast on, like I would for knitting!  Eeep!  Maybe I should practice my crocheting skills every once and a while, so I don't forget.

I made this Totoro originally for myself, but there are two other people who I think would cherish it longer then I will: My cousins, Millie and Cora.  They are 5 years old and 7 years old.  How cute!

Oh!  And the Design it! December challenge has begun!  I've been playing around with different techniques lately, and I'm planning on designing a crochet toy.  I can't hint too much about it, but I will tell you that it is a bird.  ;)  Stay tuned for more hints!

Well, I better start my math homework!  My math teacher decided that the class "wasn't behaving" so he gave us a lot of HW.  :P

~ Emily

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