Review: Madelinetosh Prairie

Today I am going to be doing my first product (yarn) review on Madelinetosh .  You can view their beautiful fiber products at http://www.madelinetosh.com/

This yarn is very different from any I've seen.  It's a lace-weight, single-ply merino wool yarn.

The structure of the yarn is very simple, since it is only made up of one ply.  For the most part, Prairie has a fairly consistent thickness, but like other single ply yarns, it does have it's imperfections.  While I was using this product, I noticed that the slightly varied thickness of the yarn actually made the knitted fabric look really pretty.  The only downfall I can see with the single ply structure, is that the yarn pills and creates a fuzzy texture.

Madelinetosh Prairie is a very soft yarn.  Like I mentioned earlier, it's a merino wool, so there is no question on where Prairie's cozy, soft, and warm feel comes from. :)

My absolute favorite thing about this yarn is the colors.  the colorway is called"Mare"and I have to say, the color combination is so unique and gorgeous!  The deep blues and hints of brown look beautiful together.  If you have time, I would take a look at Madelinetosh's other color ways, they are all so stunning and vivid!

You get a good amount of yarn for the price.  Each $20-24 skein contains 840 yards - that's enough for a large lace shawl or even a small sized lace cardigan!  I only used half of my skein to knit a Citron Shawl.

Overall, this yarn is a great choice for lace projects!  I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have time, please check out the Madelinetosh webiste!


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