FO: Owl

HOOT!  HOOT!   Did you hear that?  It sounded like a bird call... HOOT! Oh, there it is again!  I wonder what kind of bird made that sound... a sparrow?  Robin?  Jay?  Or maybe an... owl?  Oh my!  Look in the trees - Do you see it?!  It's an owl!  A whimsical, teal and black owl!!

Yes!  I have finally finished my precious knitted owl!  It wasn't easy, but the job is now officially done. :)  And I am so happy with the adorable, irresistible owl that is the final product of my blood, sweat, and tears... just kidding -  It wasn't that bad!

This project has taken me a very...very...very long time.  Part of this is because the project is deceptively big!  I know it's a toy, and that it doesn't really look like a ton of knitting, but trust me - It is.  I don't recommend this pattern, Xavier the Observant Owl, if you're looking for a quick, small yardage, knit over the weekend project.  It's more of a long term project, in my opinion.  But it's so cute nonetheless.

I'm quite pleased with the yarn and how it knitted up.  I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in color ways Marina and Coal, knit on size 5 needles.  It's not the softest yarn I've used, but it's not scratchy enough to lead to discomfort.  The plies didn't split, so it was easy to work with.  I think the colors are very vibrant and are perfect for this whimsy little owl.

I decided not to add talons (feet) for two reasons:

1.  I didn't have enough yarn.
2.  Even if I did have enough yarn to make talons, I probably wouldn't have enough steam left to keep knitting for this project.

I was even debating whether or not to knit up the wings - I'm so glad I did!  The wings are my favorite part about the owl, they are floppy, round, and truly make it look like a bird.

I used felt for the eyes and beak, because I didn't have any big safety eyes.  I glued them on with fabric glue, and so far they are holding up well...

Anyways, I am so excited to have this little owl off the needles!  It feels great to have finished something.  There's more info and stuff about this project on my Ravelry project page, so please check that out if you want.

I have some fun new posts coming up about some projects, so keep watching my blog for more fun. :)  Comment if you want to, and have a great day/night!



  1. Yah hoot, Emily! Congratulations on finishing owl and starting summer vacation all in the same week!

  2. Hooray!! :D You finished!! This post has cheered me up very much. (we're moving, and I am sooooo tired.) I love the little wings!! You go girl!! :)

  3. Cute project. Love your color choices.


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