Spring Break

Tomorrow morning my family and I will be leaving the house with suit cases in hand, and fly to Idaho for a fun and fantastic family skiing spring break vacation. :D I will be gone until Thursday, and it is most likely that I will not be posting during that time, but I might be able to slip in a post before Thursday, but I'm not making any promises.

Anyways... I have some projects on the needles, just a recap:

  • Melissa's Hat - A l m o s t  done!  All I need to do is finish the last half of the decreasing section and sew on the cute little buttons.

  • Hitchhiker - This will be my main vacation project over spring break.  Hopefully I will finish it before school starts up again so I can wear it!

  • Beekeeper's Quilt - 32 hexipuffs so far!  I hope to have 42 by the end of the week...

  • Sweater - It's hibernating, and I'm taking a -long- short break from it for now ;P

It'll be a while before I post again, but for now sit back, relax, and knit. :)


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