1, 2, 3, 4 hexipuffs!


This morning I had a spark to write a blog post about my brand new hexipuffs. I was excited, and I couldn't wait to start taking pictures of my colorful little hexis.  However, when I reached my arm out to grab my trusted camera from my bedside table, it wasn't there. gasp!!  So, instead of having multiple photos with decent lighting and clarity, I bring you one photo taken from my not-so-brilliant, least favorite camera.  I apologize in advance.

Okay, enough with the side story. :-)  I have knit 4 hexipuffs (well, actually 6 more but the other two don't look nearly as awesome) since the last time I posted about my hexipuff obsession.  Here they are!

Nice huh?  I especially like the red, yellow, green, and blue ones.  You could actually win some of that yarn from a great giveaway going on at The Shorn Sheep!

Anyways, that's all for now... make sure to enter the giveaway!



  1. you know, I wish I had known about hexipuffs when I started my granny square destashing project.... hexipuffs are awesome :)

  2. as pretty as the blue,red,yellow,green one is I really like the redish one!

    1. Thanks! I used madelinetosh merino light for that one, in colorway cherry I believe. :)

  3. they are all beautiful! congratulations!!!


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