The Return of the Owl Sweater

Hi Everyone,
I've been hard at work on my Owl Sweater after a long break from it. :)  I'm about half way done with the back waist decreases and so far it's easy peasy!  The yarn is so soft and luxurious, and it's bulky and warm.  Here are the photos....

Also, I coded my blog so that there are no "frames" around any images that I post!  Hooray, those were o so annoying! :P :D

I'm sorry the pictures aren't the best, but I tried.  Anyways, I went down a needle size for this sweater because my tension was a bit too loose, using smaller needles gave me a spot on gauge!  Yippee!

So far I am loving the Owls Sweater pattern (I gave you a link to the pattern)!  There are many different sizes (I am knitting the smallest size) and I love the owls. The sweater matches my owlie phone case!


  1. Wow!! I can't wait to see it when its finished!! Great job!!

    1. :) Me too! I'm going to do a little "victory dance" as soon as it's done!!


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