It's finally finished!

I have another FO (finished object) to share with you today.  To be honest, this project has been a WIP (work in progress) for a very long time, and it is an over due Christmas present.  I cast on for this project in September, and I finished it today, so I guess you could say that I took my time. ;)

I knit my wonderful mom a cowl for Christmas, but I didn't complete it in time to present it to her on Christmas morning.  I was very disappointed in myself that I didn't finish it on time, but I'm glad that I didn't cast off the project earlier as she wanted a nice, long lengthy cowl.

The cowl is worked in the double moss stitch, which creates a cozy, bumpy texture that is hard not to adore.  You can wrap the cowl around your neck up to 3 times, which is how my mom is modeling it right now.

The color is a simple medium gray and it goes with practically everything.  It's interesting, but not too bold and colorful.

As you have have noticed, this cowl is on the longer side.  It took me forever to knit it up, and the stitch pattern became very tiresome and boring after a while.  However, I love the results and I know it won't be shoved into the closet and abandoned.  I'm glad my mom likes the texture and is eager to wear it.

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