Okay, here's the thing:  I am officially o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with spinning.  That's a true fact.  I'm not entirely sure why I'm so obsessed and addicted to spinning, I mean, it's just making yarn right? ;)  Here's my latest drop spindle WIP: Fantasy.

During the beginning of this project I spun with a bright turquoise color.  When I ran out I began to alternate between an orchid color, bright purple, and black.  Hopefully when it's plied and finished it'll look really pretty.  The colors remind me of a fantasy wonderland-- if that makes sense. 

At first I was aiming for fingering weight but I soon realized how fine I would have to spin the fibers.  Fantasy is now striving to become a DK or worsted weight yarn (hopefully).  I can't wait to start plying; it's my favorite part about spinning so far.

Here is a design I was working on until... well, I kind of got bored of it.  This mini shawl was going to be my entry to the January Design it Challenge.  If I were to enter it I would've had to include some crochet but I'm not in the mood to modify the design.

Also, stay tuned for the February Yarnful Giveaway, congrats to the winner of the January Giveaway!


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