Fiber Photos!

I love yarn.  You love yarn (at least I'm assuming you do!). Everyone loves yarn, and today I'm going to treat you to a tour of my growing Stash.  I know; I'm such a nice person.

Here is one my true beauties, Cascade 220 Paints.  I love the ocean-like colors, and I like how bright and vivid each color is.  The color way is Tropical Seas, dye lot is 9862.  My friend Hasol gave me this for a swap, and I am never trading it, never giving it away, and never letting it out. of. my. sight.

Next up we have a super yummy, gorgeous,  purply skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted.  I love how the colors and super crisp, as there are many different shades of purple in the yarn, but the color changes are random and less obvious.  I really enjoy working with single plied yarn because it feels much different than working with multi plied yarn.

Here is a nice, bright skein of Cascade 220.  Let me tell you a story: Back in the olden days ( about 2 months ago) I worshipped Cascade 220.  I thought that it was the best yarn in the world, and that there was no yarn that could compete with it.  However, ever since I touched Malabrigo, I stopped worshipping Cascade 220.  :-'(

I'm sure just about every yarn crazy person in the world has heard of KnitPicks, right?  I have a few KnitPicks yarns in my stash.

KnitPicks haul part 1

Knit Picks Haul Part 2

Well my friends, I think we'll stop there for now.  That's all!


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